My Favourite Pictures of 2022

I haven’t had the chance to do one of these posts for the last few years but now that I am getting back into the swing of things (and now that I’ve been out on some pretty great adventures last year) here are my favourite pictures of 2022!

Each picture comes with a wee link to the story it came from so you can read more if anything catches your eye.

So without further stalling, here are my favourite pictures of 2022!

#10 – Messi Stealing A Drink

From my recent walk at Brighouse Bay, as I stopped to take pictures I was interrupted by the noise of lapping water. I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw my walking partner, Messi, with his head stuck through a fence drinking from a water trough that was meant for the cows in the field!

#9 Moody Loch Neldricken

I wild-fished Loch Valley and Loch Neldricken above Glen Trool and this was the view of Loch Neldricken when some clouds had drifted in. I had a great time, catching a wild brown trout in the process, and this look of Loch Neldricken sums up the feeling of fishing for wild brown trout.

Remote. Atmospheric. Wild.


While having a lovely walk around Loch Venachar in the Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, it was this small fellow that caught my eye. I have quite a habit of taking pictures of sheep on my adventures and this little lamb was just too cute to ignore!


My walking buddy is a poser, an even bigger poser than I am. Honestly. During our hike to visit the Big Water of Fleet Viaduct in Dumfries & Galloway, he stopped for a rest below the Viaduct and I love how the picture came out. I love his big ears and the colours of his fur contrasting against the bench and the nearby rock.

Definitely a picture for the dog lovers!


The hardest walk I did all year was bagging Criffel in sweltering summer heat. Criffel is a lovely coastal-hill in Dumfries & Galloway with stunning views of the Solway Firth but the walk starts in the gorgeous little village of New Abbey. The village was once voted the prettiest in Scotland and has the wonderfully named ‘Sweetheart Abbey’ in the centre of the village.

I love this picture of the little village. The row of houses, the hanging-flowers and the people walking and give me those lovely ‘country village’ vibes that I just love!


This picture is looking to Cairnsmore of Fleet from the top of the Big Water of Fleet Viaduct. I love that you can walk on top of such an old Viaduct and the views from the top are beautiful!

I love the rolling fields and the little white cottage in front of Cairnsmore of Fleet. I walked about 18 miles that day and the pictures were worth it!


One of the smaller, less famous Corbetts in Dumfries & Galloway is Cairnsmore of Carsphairn. I have a real soft spot for it and this view is from early in the walk, looking back down the track to the stunning views of Corserine and the Rhinns of Kells ridge.

It’s a wonderful winter walk and offers great views for relatively small effort. A great beginner Corbett.


I’m partial to a bench, as any reader of this blog should know by now. This one, on a little outcrop on Loch Venachar, is one of my favourites!

The views over the beautiful loch toward Ben Ledi were gorgeous. Definitely a great place to stop and just soak in the beauty of Scotland.


My recent walk from Moffat to the Devil’s Beeftub rewarded me with this wonderful picture at the top of Great Hill. Definitely one of my favourite benches, perched high on the ridge with views back down to Moffat and also east over the surrounding hills to Hart Fell.

I love how lonely Messi looks standing next to the bench in the middle of the wilderness.


I agonised over what my favourite picture of 2022 has been and #1 and #2 could have easily switched positions (and both are from the same walk!) but this picture of the rolling fields and the hills at the Devil’s Beeftub walk at Moffat is my favourite picture of the year!

I love the lone tree and the track with the beautiful views beyond. It’s one of my favourite walks and definitely one I will keep doing as the years roll by.

My Favourite Pictures of 2022

So what do you think? Do you agree or do you think I have the order wrong? Or is there a picture I’ve left out?

Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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