Hello, my name is Bryan Brown (but hopefully you’ll come to know me as ThatGuyBry) and this is my blog.

The inspiration for this blog is simple: I want to live.

What do I mean by that? Well, I was recently faced with a tough decision. Having graduated with an M.A in Museum Studies, a career path beckoned before me, a path that had seen me spend years studying (and a lot of money too!). Yet I was unsatisfied. I don’t want to spend my life behind a desk: I want to travel, to go fishing, to explore this beautiful world and make the most of the one life I have. The decision: pursue a career or pursue life?

The existence of this website shows I chose the latter. I have decided to work part-time and to be as active as I can be. I want to make the most of whatever time I have and I want to enjoy it.

It is my great hope that this blog may inspire you to do more in your own life, to look at your work-life balance and perhaps to make you pursue the things you want to do just a little bit more.

The Sidekick

Name: Messi

Age: 8

Likes: Food. Belly rubs. Chasing Rabbits. Walks. Swimming.

Dislikes: Lack of food.

My best friend and frequent companion on my adventures, Messi is my whippet/beddlington cross lurcher. He is a charismatic fellow so I thought it only fair that he gets his own bio on this page. He won’t be on all of my adventures but keep an eye out for him!