My Top 10 Favourite Pictures of 2019!

It’s that time again where I look back through the adventures I’ve had this year and pick my top ten favourite pictures!

2019 has been a weird year for me and I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted to but I have still had some incredible adventures throughout the year. I really love writing a piece like this because it brings back all the memories of the year. So join in me in sitting back, relaxing and reflecting on 2019.

#10) A Local At The Cheviot

Out for a Stroll

I don’t know what it is about this blog but my adventures invariably seem to end up with me taking pictures of sheep. Seriously, from Blencathra to Merrick, I seem to run into the photogenic little things and the same thing happened when I went to climb The Cheviot in the Northumberland National Park. I had a great time climbing this hill and this photo was taken at the start of the walk.

I love the green and blues in the shot.

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#9) The Skies Above The Cheviot


Yes, yet ANOTHER image from my trip to bag The Cheviot! On the summit I found myself staring upwards instead of at the beautiful views: just look at that sky. Sometimes when I’m on the summit of a mountain, I get this weird feeling of being so high up and yet feeling very small. This huge, sprawling cloud pattern on an endless blue canvass was awe-inspiring to look at.

#8) Looking to Merrick

Looking to Merrick

The Merrick is the biggest mountain in the south of Scotland and one I have bagged more than once in my life. Thankfully, on the weekend I went to climb it (where I stayed at a gorgeous Shepherd’s Hut) the weather was stunning: blue skies, warm sun and very few clouds. This picture was taken on my approach to the summit of Merrick on the ridge.

The shadows draped across Merrick from the few clouds above created a fantastic view.

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#7) HMS Caroline in Belfast

HMS Caroline

The last surviving ship of the Battle of Jutland, HMS Caroline resides in Belfast and is now a floating museum and a window into a fascinating period of naval history. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Belfast and HMS Caroline was one of the highlights, especially when she is overshadowed by the amazing Titanic Belfast museum which is just a short walk away.

This picture was taken on the little bridge that crosses over to the museum and ticket office and gives you an amazing look at the ship: the sense of scale and power is incredible.

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#6) The Shepherd’s Hut

The Shepherd’s Hut

The second part of my weekend climbing Merrick was spending a night in a beautiful Shepherd’s Hut on a quiet farm in Dumfries & Galloway. Something I’d never done in my life, coming home to this beautifully furnished hut after climbing Merrick was blissful. No noise, no disturbances, just me and the fields.

I think this picture does a nice job of conveying the solace that can be found here.

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#5) Messi Enjoying the View From Corserine

I’m Sure He Enjoys it

I couldn’t do this list without including my handsome sidekick Messi. This was taken on the ridge of one of my favourite mountains, Corserine, and was a simple moment where I stopped for a break and noticed that he seemed to be enjoying the view as much as I was. I love walking with him and I love these little moments.

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#4) Murray’s Monument at Millfore

The Cold, The View: Wow!

A small mountain, hidden in the Galloway Hills, resulted in a great winter walk that provided a lot of fun and many nice pictures. This, though, is one of my favourite images of the year. It shows Murray’s Monument with the surrounding hills covered in snow. About 5 minutes from the (empty) car park, I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw this.

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#3) Belfast City Hall

The Architecture is Incredible

Another highlight from my trip to Belfast. If you go you must make a stop at Belfast City Hall and admire the stunning design of this building. It will no doubt be surrounded with tourists and it deserves it. It is in the city centre and easy to get to.

I love how this picture turned out, with the two couples sitting in the square below the tower giving a wonderful sense of scale.

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#2) Longside Edge at Skiddaw

The Stunning Ridge Looking North to Scotland

One of the highlights of my year was climbing Skiddaw in the stunning English Lake District. The more difficult way to climb this mountain is via Longside Edge so obviously that’s what I did. This is largely because of what I’d read online about the fantastic views this route gives and I can confirm this is absolutely true. The Longside Edge route is fantastic.

The picture I took turned out better than I’d hoped. The range of colours, the beautiful lake, the views to Scotland and the sprawling ridge really gives a fantastic sense of scale. If you are in the Lake District, add Skiddaw to your to-do list!

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#1) A Lamb at the Grey Mare’s Tail

They Pose Very Well (Almost as well as me)

It has started with a sheep and it will end with one. Well, a lamb at least!

The climb up the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall is along a twisting path and one very cute little local chose a very opportune moment to pose above the waterfall. I love this picture, purely because of how cute the little fella is!

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