The Grey Mare’s Tail & White Coomb

White Coomb is a relatively easy to climb Corbett in the east of Dumfries & Galloway in the Moffat hills (close to the wonderful Hart Fell Horse Shoe walk I have done previously). At 2, 694ft it is the third biggest Corbett in the south of Scotland and well worth doing, but perhaps not for the actual hill itself.

You see, White Coomb stands above the Grey Mare’s Tail which is one of the highest wateralls in Britain. From the large National Trust for Scotland car park below you can watch this beautiful waterfall crash down from the hills above. It certainly makes for a spectacular start to a day in the hills!

The Notice Board in the Car Park

See one of the UK’s highest waterfalls plunging 60m from Loch Skeen. – The National Trust for Scotland

There are multiple viewing areas from the carpark and a track twists up the hill beside the waterfall giving fantastic views of both the waterfall and the hills behind. This is the track to White Coomb and, while being somewhat steep, it won’t be long before you find yourself at the top looking back down: a reward well worth the effort!

The Grey Mare’s Tail

One of the Locals

If for wahtever reason you can’t make it up the track, the views from the carpark are worth it by themselves.

Loch Skeen

Above the beautiful waterfall the track evens out and will bring you to the beautiful Loch Skeen, the source of the waterfall. It’s a gorgeous walk and one I have every intention of fishing at some point (which will absolutely be a blog post!). It’s a lovely bowl of a loch and, on the day I was there, the moody weather just added to the atmosphere. Low clouds, grey & dull. Just look!

Loch Skeen Comes Into View

Me Smiling While Making Mental Fishing Notes

Scotland or Isla Nublar From Jurassic Park? You Decide

Looking Back

The route takes you along the east side of the loch before gently climbing upwards onto the ridge. I can’t stress enough how easy this climb was and the views back down to the loch were beautiful: I found the ascent far easier than that of many of the other Dumfries and Galloway Corbett’s, which is notable as White Coomb is the 3rd highest of the 7.

The Route With White Coomb Marked in Red (Created with

The Spectacular Summit Views

Unfortunately the mist that had made Loch Skeen so atmospheric had also completely robbed me of any summit views. I was walking in a wonderfully silent setting, on a smooth summit ridge, and I really wasn’t that disappointed by the lack of views: the walk had been that enjoyable.

A swift descent brought me back onto the main path and gives one more chance to enjoy the spectacular Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall as the track descends towards the car park.

Looking Down Towards the Car Park

Route Information

Altitude: 2,694ft

Route length: 7 miles

Parking: £3

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