2018 in Pictures: My Favourites!

To mark the end of 2018, I thought it’d be nice to take a look back at this years adventures! I have driven well over a thousand miles this year, I have climbed many mountains throughout the UK and I have been in many gorgeous towns.

So sit back, grab a coffee, and join me in having a look at my favourite pictures from 2018!

1. Me In A Blizzard!

Look at that Face

Okay, I concede it seems a bit narcissistic to start this list off with a picture of myself but there is good reason for it! This was from my ascent of Hart Fell (a beautiful, horse-shoe walk around a glen in the south of Scotland) when the weather suddenly changed into driving snow and biting winds! This blizzard was certainly memorable.

2. A Herdwick Sheep on Blencathra


I think this is one of my favourite ever pictures. I may get the original framed and hung in my office. Also, I still feel grateful to the little guy for sitting there while a random Scotsman took multiple pictures! Certainly a beautiful way to remember a wonderful trip to the Lake District.

3. Some Action Photography at Dunrobin Castle

I absolutely love Dunrobin Castle, it is such a gorgeous building and when I did the NC500 this year I knew I would have to make a stop to see it. What I didn’t expect was to get this beautiful action shot during the falconry show!

4. Flying Cars at Rally Wales

I went to see Wales Rally GB this year and it was the first World Rally Championship event I’ve ever been to. Not only was the weather very amicable but I managed to get quite a few lovely pictures of the cars at the Sweet Lamb stage. I think my favourite was this one: the beautiful Welsh countryside and the car just about to take off!


5. Fishing at Loch Ochiltree


During my other adventures one thing has been consistent: I have been fishing at the beautiful Loch Ochiltree throughout the year. Hard fighting rainbow trout and a beautiful setting in the hills of Dumfries & Galloway: I can’t wait to get back next season! I got quite a few nice pictures of the loch, including some lovely sunset images but I think this one is my favourite. One of the boats moored at the boathouse with a setting sun in the background: a beautiful evening fishing scene.

6. The Sculpture at Ben Lomond


My ascent of this famous Munro was on a very, very warm day. It was sweaty, tiring and definitely became a slog at one point. However, the beautiful weather made for some lovely pictures and I haven’t forgotten the lovely sculpture on the banks of Loch Lomond. A look through it is supposed to frame one of the prettiest views in Scotland and on that day, it was hard to disagree. Bagging Ben Lomond was definitely worth the effort!


7. St. Ninian’s Cave

The walk to St. Ninian’s Cave was one of the best walks I have ever done. A beautiful coastal walk in Dumfries & Galloway that was not only stunning but also historically fascinating! I took many pictures and I could have chosen quite a few of them as my favourite but I settled on this one. I love the range of colours. The green and red of the flora, the turquoise sea and the dark craggy rocks. It was a special place on a gorgeous day.

8. Castle Varrich

Another entry from the NC500, this is Castle Varrich doused in grey clouds and streaks of sunlight. I think it looks like something out of Lord of the Rings in this picture! So moody and atmospheric and one of my favourite images of the year. It was one of those fortunate moments driving by, spotting the scene, and stopping to take the picture.

9. The Summit of Snowdon

I climbed Snowdon this year, which is the highest mountain outside of Scotland in the UK, and on the very busy summit I managed to get this picture with my phone camera! Looking at it, you’d never believe I was surrounded by dozens of people climbing and descending this famous peak. I love the contrasting colours of greens and greys and the beautiful bowl-shaped valley with the lochs far below. Err…or should that be lakes?

10. Ben Hope

One of the highlights of the North Coast 500 for me was bagging the most northerly Munro in Scotland: Ben Hope and I have written a separate piece on this beautiful mountain which you can read HERE. I love this image, it was taken just as the rain clouds were rolling in and moments before it began to fall! Look at the clouds, the mist and the contrast of colours.


  1. Such a great idea! I definitely need to pull together a recap of my photos from 2018. Loved looking at yours – very cool adventures!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Erin! I enjoyed putting this piece together, you should definitely do the same!

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