Fishing Loch Ochiltree

Loch Ochiltree in Dumfries & Galloway is a large loch that sits nestled in beautiful scenery just north of Newton Stewart. The loch itself has 5 boats for use and is stocked with strong rainbow trout while also containing brown trout and some pike. It is owned by the local association, the Newton Stewart Angling Association, and permits can be acquired from the Galloway Angling Centre or the Creebridge House Hotel, both in Newton Stewart.

What is even more important is that I have been fishing this loch for a few years now, having been a season-permit holder for the last two, and I really wanted to write a little piece on how much I enjoy fishing this beautiful loch.

I’m sure some of you can completely understand. I think many of us have a loch, or a river, that is beautiful and close to home and that you just enjoy fishing. It might not be the most spectacular, or the biggest or the most exotic but it the one you fish most often. You become familiar with how conditions affect the fishing, you have some favourite ‘hot spots’ and you just enjoy the ease and familiarity of fishing there.

Ochiltree has been that for me for a few years now. So allow me to show you in pictures why you should definitely spend a day at this beautiful loch.

Fishing At Loch Ochiltree

Loch Details

Owner of Loch: Newton Stewart Angling Association

Permits: £20 (From Galloway Angling Centre or Creebridge House Hotel)

Fish: The loch is well stocked with hard-fighting rainbow trout. They seem to average around 2.5lb, with some real monsters hiding around, all of which are very hard fighting. There are also brown trout and some pike in the loch.


  1. Author

    Here is the link to the NSAA rules and the section on Pike fishing:

    Loch Ochiltree, Fyntalloch Loch & Loch Dee. FLY FISHING ONLY all seasons (15th March – 6th October (ecxept Loch Ochiltree 15th March – 6th October (all areas) and 7th October – 31st January (J&T Scott’s bank ONLY)). A minimum 8/9 wt fly rod is to be used. All hooks to be a minimum size 6. long nosed pliers and wire cutters to be carried at all times for unhooking and or hook cutting.

  2. I usually fish heron and Ronald and always drive past Ochiltree, can I purchase a day ticket for pike fishing,,

  3. Hello I’m thinking of moving near the area and love fly fishing for pike . Can I do this in November this year if I come up to look around etc ?

    1. Author

      Hi Richard,

      Ochiltree has pike and the Association has Pike fishing competitions from time to time also.

      Here is a link to their official website for more info:

    1. Author

      Yeah, you can fish for pike.

      There are even Pike competitions at the loch.

  4. Author

    It’s very peaceful.
    Never too busy and the loch is very large.

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