2018 Itinerary – The Objectives For This Year

What Is The Point In This?

Good question! I want this site to not just inspire you to do more but also I want to make myself do more too. To that end, I think it will be fun to share with you all what I plan on doing throughout the year. What my objectives are, what I’d like to do and what I’d like to achieve. I plan to do this every year and I plan to look back on this and see if I achieved my goals or perhaps even surpassed them.

I think it will also give you the opportunity to see what I am up to and perhaps it may encourage you to draw up a plan for your own 2018. What are you hoping to do, where are you wanting to go and what are you hoping to achieve for yourself this year.

What will define 2018 for you?


1) Start My Own Website

This was a huge deal for me. I have always wanted to start my own website and actually commit to this idea. The fact that you are here reading this shows that I have taken the plunge and founded thatguybry.com. Even though my site is in its infancy I am proud of myself for having started it. That is a stage further than most people will ever reach. While I have big plans going forward, 2018 started with a simple first step: start the site.

It isn’t easy let me tell you! While I have some experience with WordPress, every day is a learning day. Where to buy the domain, who to get hosting with, a theme for the site, social media…the technical aspect of creating your own website is not a small task. Even trivial things like creating the site icons and my logo has all been a great learning experience and, most importantly, something I have really enjoyed learning to do. While it requires some time, effort and patience it is well worth it and something I strongly encourage you to do if you have the desire to carve out a little slice of the internet for yourself.

The website isn’t perfect yet. Far from it.

But it exists.

2) Improve My Photography Skills

I think most people enjoy photography to some extent. I love it. Capturing special moments, recording beautiful scenery and waiting for the right moment for that perfect picture are all addictive and hugely enjoyable aspects of photography. However, I see so many wonderful images on other bloggers sites, in magazines and on various platforms like Instagram and I am immediately overcome with a desire to make my images better.

To this end I am reading all I can online for photography tips from experts. As always, the internet is an invaluable resource if utilised. One needs only type ‘photography tips’ into Google to return a huge amount of blog posts on the subject.

I have also recently invested in Photoshop Elements so that I can touch up and edit my pictures with far more control. So far, I am loving the software and I would strongly recommend it for anyone looking to improve the quality of their images. Of course, as someone new to the software and image editing, I have a lot to learn and I will share my experiences here in the future.

I am also on the look out for photography courses to attend, as a practical course may also greatly help my photography skills. Plus, I just really like the thought of a night-course where I can learn new things and meet new people. As of now I have not enrolled in any but watch this space!

3) Balance Work With Adventure

One of the most important themes of my site is that I have a part-time job. All of my adventuring and projects are counter-balanced by my need to work for 3 days every week. I love the freedom working so few days gives me but please remember: I am not a millionaire! All of my adventures are done with a budget in mind (and where appropriate I will always look to share expenses of my travels with you all) and I will learn more and more about balancing my work week with my adventures. I hope to show you the remarkable amount of fun a person can have by working less and being smarter with the funds available to you.


4) Destinations and Adventures!

Ah the best part of this post. What am I actually planning on doing adventure-wise this year? Well, so far my objectives are:

  1. Go to Arran: I have always wanted to visit the beautiful Scottish island of Arran (yes, I have never been) but it is something I have never actually managed to do. The island itself has 4 Corbett’s, beautiful scenery, sea views and some excellent fishing opportunities. The island is nicknamed ‘Scotland in Miniature’ and in 2018 I intend to find out why!
  2. Go Abroad: I appreciate that this one is somewhat vague but it really is a basic objective of mine for this year. I have spent so much time (and money) studying at University, looking for jobs and generally dealing with the mundanities of life that it has actually been a few years since I have been abroad. This year, I will change that!
  3. Bag More Munro’s: A favourite of mine, I want to greatly increase my tally of Munro’s climbed and to share with you more and more of the stunning scenery that Scotland has to offer. I plan on tackling Munro’s in a variety of regions and I cannot wait to be out in the true wilds of Scotland. (This should have the benefit of increasing my fitness for some more ambitious adventures in 2019…)

5) Plan Ahead for 2019

Yes it may seem a bit odd but a big part of my 2018 will involve planning for 2019. I’m already planning fun things to do for next year: however they need to be scheduled and funded! I like to be prepared for whatever adventure I am up to so I am conducting some research on how to make my plans for next year a reality.

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